Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot Review

Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot Review

Shoes are one such accessory that makes a huge difference to your ensemble. They are something that people look at to judge your persona and class. Buying the right kind of shoes that go well with current fashion trend is quite tricky especially when you want to use the pair for a long duration with changing weathers and trends. They are certain classic ones that hold good for all trends; Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot are one such shoe that is always in fashion.

The upside and downside of owning a pair of Timberland Premium boots

Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot is one that can be worn in all weathers and all conditions which is the bonus of having these shoes. Ideal for people who do not like wet feet as the boots are waterproof. Durability and comfort are important factors that are generally neglected when style and fashion are concerned but with these boots one can be certain that it satisfies all the criteria like comfort, style, durability, etc. The Timberland logo on the shoes is an added advantage that determines class.

The only disadvantage which can be easily taken care of is that the size of the shoe; basically this brand has the characteristic feature of fitting big where you have to buy a size smaller than your usual size such that it fits perfectly. Apart from this one drawback that is easily taken care of the shoes are good enough to complete your wardrobe.

Product Description – The salient features of Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot

Being waterproof makes them one of the most extremely reliable shoes for all weathers; all you have to do is lace the tongue up which will prevent any water from seeping inside the shoes making your feet feel dry all the time. The leather is of good quality which is durable that makes the shoe last long in good condition not making it appear worn out. In case if you are an active person and prefer to walk a lot then these shoes offer great grip thanks to their outsole traction. The rubber sole is another feature which makes them comfortable apart from being fashionable. The shoes offer warmth along with comfort as they have 400gms of premium insulation and also heels are padded to enhance comfort.

Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot – All that you need to know about safety and comfort

If you are looking for style, comfort and practicality then these shoes definitely satisfies these criteria. If you are an active person then Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot is ideal choice as they offer style as well. They are designed using anti-fatigue technology that makes them ideal for active tasks that involves you being on your foot most of the day. The comfort and warmth make these shoes must haves in your wardrobe.

The wonderful grip offered by these shoes due to amazing traction makes these shoes very safe for active lifestyle and everyday use.

A worthy investment that will go the long way

When you are looking for durability and want to have shoes that will last long then Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot definitely do. They are plus on comfort and warmth as well which is an added advantage of owning the shoes. The shoes offer you a lot more than what you pay for them. Despite the fact they are expensive they are a worthy investment because these shoes will last for years and make it worthwhile. All these factors point out the fact that if you are thinking of having a wardrobe makeover or planning on investing in your wardrobe then the boots definitely are in the list.

Whether you are a hard worker or having an active lifestyle or simply a person who wants to follow changing trends and style; Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot are meant for everyone. The best part of owning the classic pair is that no matter the change in trend you can still wear them and enhance your ensemble of clothes. A person is judged by their shoes and the brand in itself is a mark of class.

The timeless beauty of the Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot

Timeless classics that often click are very few and timberland boots makes it into that list. But make sure that you pair them up with the right pants and style them either loose laced or tongue up that goes best with your attire. These work boots are no longer limited to the hard working labor class or construction workers as they are also for style. To bring out the best and to avoid confusion and uncertainty match them best with tapered pants that will accentuate your style.

The way you tie the ace of your Timberland work boots will tell a lot about your persona. If you want to sport a nerdy look then tie them up tight and if you want to portray the sexy bad boy image tie them loose. It is as simple as that.

Style tips for wearing your Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Boot

Make sure that whatever pants you wear show off your boots which makes it a necessary for you to avoid baggy pants when you want to wear your 6” premium boots. Stacked skinny pants are definitely on for Timberland work boots as you can never go wrong or make a fashion disaster with this combo. When you are not confident enough to sport the work boots as a style statement then stick to these basics where skinny jeans and pants will always click. It is though not necessary to only wear them with tapered pants but when you are uncertain it is better to stick to the safer preferences that will make the fashion statement in itself. One rule that you must never forget about these boots is that your pants must never cover the tongue. The pants must always fall behind the tongue of your shoes.

The Timberland Premium Boots are regarded as one of the most comfortable work boots for men. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab your pair today!

Timberland Men’s 6

Timberland Men's 6


  • – All weathers and all conditions
  • – Durability and comfort
  • – Anti-fatigue technology


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