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What Exactly Are Logger Boots ?

Safety equipment is a necessity in almost every manual work industry, but some jobs require a little more attention to detail than others. Logging is currently one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, so in order to protect yourself from potentially life threatening dangers that this type of work can throw at you, it’s important that you have the correct equipment in your kit bag. Logging boots are one of the most important pieces of kit you could ever own, if you involved in the logging industry, and if you think a standard pair of safety boots will cut it, then think again!

Since this type of work is limited, and the industry is not really that big, the number of brands which produce quality logging boots are limited. However, you just so happen to be on the best resource for work boots on the internet, so if you are in the market for a new pair of logging boots, then continue reading while we explain the benefits of wearing them, and where you can find a pair to suit your needs.


If you are in the business of felling trees, then you will know just how important a good pair of logger boots can be, but what exactly are they, and what makes them different to regular safety boots?


Because of the substantial dangers that logging workers are exposed to on a daily basis, the features which the manufacturers focus on will differ from those of a standard safety boot. Let’s take a look at a few of those features;


  1. Taller Heel

    The terrain in which a logger will be working can differ from day to day, and the majority of the time, the safety of the terrain is uncertain. To combat this, logger boots are generally made with a taller heel, in order for you to plant your heel, and get a firmer grip on the floor before taking your first step.

  2. Increased Comfort

    Loggers will be cutting down trees in a wide range of environments, and for long hours of the day. It would be a shame to tackle this demanding job in an uncomfortable pair of boots, so loggers are typically made with comfort in mind, to make this uncomfortable job, a little bit more comfortable.

  3. Enhanced Support

    To build on the first point we just made, the harsh terrains that a logger is exposed to on a daily basis will be too uneven for a standard work boot. Logger boots come equipped with not only a higher heel, but a thicker, more quality shank, enhancing the overall support that the boots provide.

  4. Maximised Grip

    Logger boots will typically have better grip than the regular variety of safety boots, in order to ensure optimal safety when working on slippery, and oily surfaces. The logging environment is dangerous as it is, more so if you are constantly on your back!

  5. Breathable & Waterproof

    It would not be a good day on the job without at least a little bit of water. Puddles are everywhere when chopping down trees, so wearing a pair of boots which are waterproof is crucial. However, the majority of waterproof boots will get incredibly warm and sweaty on the inside, making them extremely uncomfortable to wear. The insides of a logger boot is usually made from a breathable material, which will help keep your feet dry, but at the same time, allowing the air to circulate to keep your feet nice and cool.

  6. Made From Quality Materials

    A demanding job requires a demanding quality of boot. Logger boots are usually made from a very high quality, thick piece of cowhide leather. Combine this with a breathable inside, and you have a waterproof, breathable pair of boots which will stand the test of time, and look great in the process.


When looking for a new pair of logging boots, it’s important to check out the reviews from other loggers, who have tried and tested the boots themselves. We have years of experience with safety work boots, and even more so with loggers. There are a few brands which stand out compared to the rest, and these are Danner, Wolverine, Chippewa, Carolina and Timberland. Choosing a pair of logging boots made by any of these brands will be a good choice, but in order to make your search a little easier, we have a few that we recommend over the rest, so don’t forget to check out our comprehensive, unbiased reviews.


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