3 Reasons To Switch To Lightweight Work Boots

Lightweight Work Boots

Lightweight Work Boots

Choosing a good pair of lightweight work boots will provide several benefits, compared to regular safety boots, and when you discover how much of an impact a bad pair of boots can have on your health, you would be crazy not to switch straight away. Let’s dive straight in, and look at the 3 main reasons why everyone should switch to lightweight work boots.

Less Fatigue:

This one is so simple, yet so many people have failed to realise it. The heavier your work boots, the more energy it requires to lift your feet off of the ground. Choose a lighter pair of boots, and the process of moving around will be a lot easier, meaning your legs, and the rest of your body will not fatigue as quick.

This reason is especially important if you do a lot of moving around in your day-to-day job. Why put your body through the unnecessary strain, when you can fix the problem by simply switching to a lighter pair of safety boots?

Less Strain On The Rest Of Your Body:

Wearing a pair of heavy work boots is OK for the first couple of hours of your shift, but if you are in the workplace for 8 hours or more, the accumulative damage that the shock, and strain can cause on your feet, your hips, and your back can be extremely dangerous. Remember, the human body is one piece, so any strain in your feet will slowly but surely make it’s way up to the rest of your body, potentially leading to debilitating injuries.

Can’t afford a new pair of lightweight work boots? I’m sure it’s cheaper than a month off of work with a slipped disc, right?

You Will Be Safer:

Building on the first point about heavy boots making you fatigue a lot quicker, if your body has ran it’s course, and is ready to give in, don’t you think that compromises the health of the rest of your body, and your general safety in the workplace. There are a million examples we could give you here, but let’s say for example, you have been lugging your feet around all day, in your heavy work boots, and you have 2 hours left on your shift. Your manager, let’s call him Joe, comes to you and asks you to fetch him a heavy box from downstairs. Being the hard worker you are, you tell Joe you will be right back, but thanks to the weight your feet have been carrying all day, you are struggling to lift your feet as easily as you were at the beginning of your shift. You reach the top step, but instead of reaching the next floor safely, you catch your toe on the step, and go head over heels, straight back down the stairs. I know, this is an extreme example, but in the workplace, things like this happen all of the time. Eradicate these unnecessary dangers by switching to lightweight work boots. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


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