Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot Review

Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge

Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot – Review

If you are seriously looking for lace up boot, then, it is time for you to stop searching and grab a pair of Georgia Boots. This boot is made with SPR leather and barracuda- gold colored leather which is tanned is used. This leather has got a unique quality. It can resist scrape better than other leathers and it has got strength three times more than the normal ones.

Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot is long run with their durability and great fit. It have got oil resistant sole outside. So these are a perfect fit and every once can have a pair. It have got pliable leather and the insole is padded .It have also got welt design which is comfortable. This brand Georgia was first traced and was born in 1937. It was first that they launched farm boots which are tough and they believe that boots need to work hard as much as people work. Later they have come up with different styles and refinements in different models.


Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot are used for workers, farmers and hunters and keep their feet safe and comfortable. These shoes at extreme hard and harsh conditions keep their kegs safe and protected. Any person in any profile and working state and where ever he goes and whatever he does. He can use this Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot which has multiple comforts. We love to wear shoes for jogging, walk and gym. Even at work place shoes would be really comfortable. So many people prefer wearing shoes, and recently I have gone with Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot. Being a foot wear lover, I tried with many brands and shoes. First thing I noticed about Georgia Boots as soon as I opened my parcel is that the color of the boots. It was in honey brown which was really attractive. This color goes perfect with any dress up and adds elegance to your look. The leather with which these shoes are made up of is of high quality and is really soft to touch. These shoes have been lined inside with fabric totally near toe and instep. This is even lined with absorbing material near padded in sole and padded tongue near the lace. These are covered with the absorbing material which allows nice air flow and the moisture is absorbed by this material.


Near the ankle it was unlined and a pull strap made of nylon material is made which is firmly attached. The sole with a small wedge is of Khaki color which is perfectly matched with the leather color. It has the brand name Georgia Boot and Oil Resistant at the bottom and it goes with shallow chevron pattern with thread. The sole is soft and can be worn for a long time. It has got good thickness under the foot and will be a bit thicker under the heel. If the sole is worn out after long run it can be replaced easily. The laces of these shoes are really thick and with dark brown and light brown bands which is an attractive pattern and trendy. These laces are threaded from four sets of eyelets which are made of brass and one set of speed hooks. Through appearance they are really elegant. Now coming to the comfort, it is as impressive as looks. When I tried them first it gave caught the attention and impression of comfort. Many be this is the first brand which have caught the best impression as soon as used for the very first time. It’s really perfectly fit around the heel and arch. Even at the front near the fingers and with space for anyone to wiggle near the toes. These Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot are perfectly fitted and hiking socks. They go good with Thorol or Wig war. Then it was when using the shoes for about an hour and more to check how comfortable they are while working, so wearing Georgia and using it for more than an hour, and then it was really comfortable and cool. Then using it for next couple of days there was no complain about the comfort of these shoes. Generally using new shoes or any other foot wear there will be pinching and irritation with few brands. But these Georgia shoes did not cause any discomfort. There was no pinching and were not pressing. While driving also it was really comfortable. Not only driving but any other task can be performed with ease with these Georgia. When used in any hard surfaces the heel which is provided was compressed and the insole as well. So walking on hard surfaces was also comfortable.


These were absorbing all the shocks which might have caused pain to foot and the material was stopping all shocks from reaching the foot. The best part is shoes or any foot wear make noise while walking. This sound was not observed while using these Georgia shoes. The styling of the shoe was a bit similar to other brand and the shock absorbing nature of sole too. But as Georgia offers more comfort than any other brand it goes the best of all.

The material was softer at start and the same was lasting for long run. The sizes which are available in Georgia are best. They are in both full marked sized and half sizes too. So there will be no problem for buyers and easily look for a Georgia. Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot offers high standard looks and comfort and can be chosen with jeans, party wear dresses and even on formals and casuals. As it is made of high quality leather it is durable for long time


Only disadvantage is that it is available in one color only – brown with two shades of light and dark. It would be great if they come up with additional colors which are of course more trendy and funky.


In a nut shell these Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot are the most comfortable work boots. It is really comfortable and safe as the leather is thick and soft. So, while working in extreme conditions also the legs are safe from pains and trauma. It has best quality and design making it the top brand which can be preferred by all men – young and old.


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