Carolina Work Boots Review

Carolina Work boots

Carolina Work Boots

In the commercial world that we live in, it can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to purchase something new. The amount of choice is staggering. This holds especially true for safety boots. With thousands of different varieties available, it can sometimes be difficult choosing one which suits your every need.

If you are looking for a great looking, comfortable, and well-rounded work boot, then look no further than the Carolina Work Boots.

Logging is a dangerous industry, so going in fully equipped with a quality pair of safety boots is an absolute necessity. These loggers by Carolina tick all of the boxes. Let’s have a look at them in more detail !

Carolina Work Boots Features:

  • These boots are made by the trusted brand, Carolina, who are known to make some of the best safety boots in the world.
  • It’s 8 inch size is perfect for keeping the heat in, and the water out. These boots are 100% waterproof.
  • Sure-Grip rubber soles help keep your feet firmly planted on the floor at all times.
  • It’s 600 Grams Thinsulate interior is perfect for keeping your feet warm, even during the most extreme conditions.
  • Superior stability thanks to it’s 8 inch shaft.
  • EVA insoles ensure optimal comfort

These Carolina Work Boots are a great well rounder which will fully equip you with all of the necessary safety features, and the foundation for a hard days graft.

With a price ranging from $114 to $156, these Carolina Work Boots are moderately priced, and offer a great value for money. Many other work boots at this price point do not offer the same level of security and comfort that these do. You will struggle to find better value for money, in fact, we challenge you to!

Now, this wouldn’t be a fair review if we didn’t look at the negatives, would it? With this boot, there are only a couple, and they are minor ones at that.

Carolina Work Boots Negatives:

  • These boots will require a few days to break in. However, that is the case for most new boots, and on the flip side, this required break in period pays homage to the quality, and ruggedness of these boots.
  • The heel may require some getting used to, since it might be a little high for your liking. Again, this is not really a negative, but it is worth mentioning.

That’s it. I told you there wasn’t many!

Overall, these Carolina Work Boots are built with a great level of care, and the advanced features make them perfect for any type of work, especially logging. The design is good looking, and they are rugged and strong, so they won’t wear away any time soon.

If you are looking for a quality pair of logger boots, for a great quality price, then the Carolina Work Boots are the ones for you.

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