5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing the best Steel Toe Boots

 best steel toes boots


5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing the best Steel Toe Boots


When it comes to personal protective equipment, there has been one piece which has stood the test of time, and provided safety for millions of people across the globe. Steel toe boots are the industry standard, and with good reason.

Several other types of protective footwear have been and gone over the last few years, but none have managed to dethrone this king of safety equipment. Choosing the best steel toe boots doesn’t have to be hard. We have a lot of experience with steel toe boots, and we certainly know a good pair from a bad one. With that being said, let’s take a look at five of the biggest benefits of wearing the best steel toe boots.


Benefits Of Wearing Steel Toe Boots


  1. Protection From Falling Objects

    The best steel toe boots will have one main purpose: To protect your feet from falling objects. People who work in jobs which require safety boots are usually exposed to falling, or flying objects, some of which can cause serious damage if they land on your feet. The best steel toe boots will effectively protect your feet from being crushed, or any other serious injuries.

    The majority of real, regulated steel toe boots can withstand more than 75 pounds of pressure falling on them, from a distance up to three feet.

  1. Protection From Other Injuries

    It;s not only falling objects which pose a risk in the workplace. If you are exposed to chemicals or harsh solvents, then steel toes can help protect your feet from being burnt. The best steel toe boots can also prevent cuts, and lacerations caused by drills and cutting machines. Finally, a good pair of steel toe boots will be equipped with enough grip to keep you on your feet. Trips and falls are the most common causes of injury in the workplace, so investing in the best steel toe boots will help prevent any unnecessary injuries which could lead to time off of work.

    3.Prevent Fatigue

    Standing on your feet all day is never an easy task, but standing in a pair of shoes which are not designed for prolonged periods of standing is just asking for trouble. Fatigue can easily build up in the feet, legs and back, and if nothing is done to prevent the issue, then it could lead to more severe injuries down the road.

    The best steel toe boots will be packed full of soft, comfortable cushion which will help keep your feet nice and comfortable throughout your entire shift, whether it’s an hour, or twelve!

    4. Protection From Extreme Weather

    Work doesn’t stop with cold weather, so wearing a pair of safety shoes which protect your feet from the cold is very important if you want to keep your toes. Injuries such as frost bite and hypothermia are common in people who work in cold environments, but these injuries can easily be avoided by investing in a pair of breathable, waterproof steel toe boots.

    The best steel toe boots are usually well insulated in order to keep your feet as warm as possible. However, on the other side of the spectrum, if you are working in a hot environment, a good pair of breathable steel toe boots can help prevent your feet from overheating, which can cause your feet to swell up, and start to ache.

    5. They Can Be Stylish

    When someone says safety boots, what image do you conjure up in your head? Chances are they are not the best looking this in the world. However, the wide range of designs available today can suit any type of style, so finding a pair which you like the look of, is easier than ever.


The days of compromising style for safety are long gone!


Our Top Choices for Steel Toe Boots



Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

This work boots made in USA are ideal for all kinds of outdoor works right from gardening to heavy duty industrial work. Steel toe boots today are designed with style in mind where they not only serve some purpose but also are made of good leather and when you own a pair in beige your wardrobe as far as casual shoes are concerned is complete.

When you are a hard working person doing heavy intensity work like construction, industry work or gardening or if you are corporate person looking for a good change in your wardrobe then caterpillar steel-toe boots are just for you. They are trendy shoes that go well for casual wear. When you want to look good on your work site and at the same time are concerned about the safety of your toes then these shoes are your must haves.

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Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6” Safety Toe Boot

They are super lightweight work boots. For customers who need shoes with waterproof feature, Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6” Safety Toe Boot are best to buy. This is not all. If keeping the feet warm is the need of the user; which is of course a necessity during the chilled winters, then Thorogood shoes are a safe bet; keeps the feet warm. The sole is perfectly padded to lessen the strain on ankle and knees. It looks stiff but bends with ease which makes it a product very flexible and comfortable. Top choice for best Steel Toe Boots.

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SafetyGirl GS002 Pink Work Boots

SafetyGirl GS002 Pink Work Boots
Ladies, we know you work just as hard as the fellas’ but the amount of work boots available for you to choose from are still severely limited. With a built in waterproof and breathable lining, your feet will stay safe and dry, no matter how long your shift is. If you work in a wet environment, then fear not, as the GS002 pink work boot is completely waterproof, and thanks to the breathable lining that fills the inside of the boot, your feet will remain free from sweat no matter how long you wear them for. Top choice for best Steel Toe Boots.

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